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Herndon Borough Services

Water/ Sewer
Water/ Sewar is a set price. $106 per month for as much/ little as you use. 
To turn off/ on water is $50.
Contact Herndon Borough Jackson Township Municipal Authority for questions. 


The Herndon compost is only accessible by key. You must contact Mike Cotner for access. Only yard waste and ground allowed. No food scraps.

(570) 847-1732

Fire Department


Volunteer Fire Company located at 118 Main st.

Open for lunch specials on Fridays

For emergency call 9-1-1

Post Office

United States Postal Service
Located at 127 Pottsville St .
Pack and Ship, P.O boxes available.

Parks & Recreation


Playground, swings, Tennis court and Basketball court are located on Pennsylvania Ave. Pavilion with picknick benches and public grill. 


For federal and local voting, you can vote locally at the Herndon Borough Municiple Building located at 278 N Main St

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